VMware NSX Service Mesh
Bringing Consistent Visibility & Control Across Services, Data, and Users

As applications transition from monolithic stacks to distributed microservice architectures, architects, developers, and operators alike face a very real challenge:

How do you maintain the visibility, management and control of data and users of new applications?
Enter VMware Service Mesh - an innovative way to secure and monitor communications for microservices-based applications data, and users across multiple cloud native application environments.
In other words, it's the observability and control you've been dreaming of.
What's in it for you?
By aggregating policies, telemetry, and network management for microservices, NSX Service Mesh
provides platform DevOps teams with a common set of operational tools, so that you can:
Manage authentication, authorization, and encryption of service communications.
Expand observability and security to the data accessed by applications and the users of these applications.
Provide tracing, monitoring, and logging for visibility into the health and performance of services.
Provide insight into user interactions with applications based on microservices.
VMWare has been, and will continue to be, a major contributor to the lstio open source service mesh project.
NSX Service Mesh will initially support Cloud PKS, with support for additional platforms in the future.
Why you'll love it:
and control
across apps, data and users beyond traditional service meshes, which are usually limited to observing and controlling only applications themselves.
A unified, multi-cluster mesh approach
with consistent management, policy and connectivity implemented across complex, multi-cluster mesh tech topologies.
Unified operations to empower
developers, infrastructure, operations and security teams to work together more efficiently, while operating autonomously.
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