Managing Kubernetes

There’s Kubernetes theory and then there’s Kubernetes practice.
This e-book is the latter – written by Brendan Burns (one of three original Kubernetes creators) and Craig Tracey (VMware Staff Kubernetes Architect).

Managing Kubernetes Ebook


Learn how to:

  • Use the Kubernetes API Server
  • Control scheduling with labels, affinity and tolerations
  • Install the Kubernetes control plane
  • Establish role-based access controls (RBAC)
  • Monitor your footprint and manage disaster recovery


About the Author

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Craig Tracey is a technical leader and team builder. In his current role as a Staff Kubernetes Architect at VMware. Craig helps complex enterprises in financial services, telecommunications and technology make best use of Kubernetes. Previous experiences include Blue Box Group, Hubspot. Craig is always close to the cutting edge of technology and hands-on with customers.

Craig Tracey, Staff Kubernetes Architect, VMware

Full Chapter List

Here's the complete chapter list. Don't miss out on this awesome content.

Chapter 1 What is Cloud Native Infrastructure?
Chapter 2 When to Adopt Cloud Native
Chapter 3 Evolution of Cloud Native Deployments
Chapter 4 Designing Infrastructure Applications
Chapter 5 Developing Infrastructure Applications
Chapter 6 Testing Cloud Native Infrastructure
Chapter 7 Managing Cloud Native Applications
Chapter 8 Securing Applications
Chapter 9 Implementing Cloud Native Infrastructure