Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) on VMware simplifies database management making it easier to provision new database instances on-premises, and scale workloads – with just a few clicks. The service provides a new level of automation, freeing administrators to focus on developing and fine-tuning databases and apps.

Users can now backup databases, run them in high availability configurations by replicating data across multiple vSphere clusters, and scale database reads with read-replicas, all across on-premises and AWS environments.

Support for databases including

PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Custom AWS Availability Zones (AZ)

mapped to multiple vSphere clusters, allowing administrators and developers to utilize the vSphere environment as a private, local AWS AZ.

Disconnected mode operation

allowing edge applications to remain operational even with loss of connectivity to AWS Cloud, maintaining visibility of the health and status of apps and infrastructure.

Data deployed and residing locally

allowing users to keep it on-premises for audits, backups & archival.

Built-in patching

for the OS and database for seamless service and full database lifecycle management capabilities.

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