Kubernetes Up & Running

Kubernetes Co-Founder, Joe Beda, co-authored this book
to help developers and operators get started with Kubernetes.
This e-book is a practical guide to the core concepts of Kubernetes.

Cloud Native Infrastructure Ebook


Learn how to:

  • Deploy apps using pods, labels and annotations
  • Apply common kubectl commands
  • Use service discovery in Kubernetes
  • Provide info to workloads with ConfigMaps
  • Manage the release of new app versions


About the Author

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Joe Beda started his career at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer (he was young and naive). Throughout 7 years at Microsoft and 10 at Google, Joe has worked on GUI frameworks, real-time voice and chat, telephony, machine learning for ads, and cloud computing. Most notably, while at Google Joe started the Google Compute Engine and, along with Brendan and Craig McLuckie, created Kubernetes. Joe proudly calls Seattle home.

Joe Beda, Kubernetes Co-Creator

Full Chapter List

Here's the complete chapter list. Don't miss out on this awesome content.

Chapter 4 Common kubectl Commands
Chapter 5 Pods
Chapter 6 Labels and Annotations
Chapter 7 Service Discovery
Chapter 11 ConfigMaps and Secrets
Chapter 12 Deployments