Cloud Native Infrastructure

Best practices for creating infrastructure capable of
managing the full life cycle of cloud native applications.

Cloud Native Infrastructure Ebook


Learn how to:

  • Understand why cloud native infrastructure is necessary
    to effectively run cloud native applications
  • Use guidelines to decide when – and if – your business should
    adopt cloud native practices
  • Learn patterns for deploying and managing infrastructure and
  • Design tests to prove that your infrastructure works as
    intended, even in a variety of edge cases
  • Secure infrastructure with policy as code

About the Author

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Kris Nova is a Kubernetes maintainer, the creator of kubicorn—a successful Kubernetes infrastructure management tool—and an ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. She has a deep technical background in the Go programming language, and has authored many successful tools in Go. She organizes a special interest group in Kubernetes, and is a leader in the community. Kris lives in Seattle, WA and spends her free time mountaineering.

Full Chapter List

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Chapter 1           What is Cloud Native Infrastructure?
Chapter 2 When to Adopt Cloud Native
Chapter 3 Evolution of Cloud Native Deployments
Chapter 4 Designing Infrastructure Applications
Chapter 5 Developing Infrastructure Applications
Chapter 6 Testing Cloud Native Infrastructure
Chapter 7 Managing Cloud Native Applications
Chapter 8 Securing Applications
Chapter 9 Implementing Cloud Native Infrastructure